Third Party Warehousing & Industrial Packaging Solutions

At Kontane Integration, we have the assets, certification, experience and flexibility to develop client-aligned supply chain solutions. Via vested collaboration with our partner customers, we create value in new ways. We integrate all of our services – utilizing sub-assembly, physical fulfillment, and cloud-based technology – to build logical, customer-focused logistic platforms. 

Kontane Integration is an industry leader in Third Party Logistics (3PL) with offices in North Carolina, South Carolina and Texas.

Since 1997, we have expanded to include warehousing and distribution, cross-docking, freight consolidation, import material receipt, line sequencing, parts distribution, development of logistics information systems, sub-assembly, and foreign trade zones services.


From industrial packaging to full scale storage logistics, Kontane Integration holds industry expertise in executing actionable steps that solve 3PL hurdles from start to finish. 


We pride ourselves in working seamlessly with our clients to increase productivity and streamline communication between internal, external and key stakeholders.


Our client aligned supply chain management solutions allow us to implement innovative and value specific solutions whether they’rephysical or virtual.